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April 27, 2023
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BPG Rules of Engagement for our Mastermind groups:

The BPG Mastermind group was designed to provide support, feedback, and accountability to the group of individuals who share a Big Dream. Our Rules of Engagement for our Mastermind groups are the following:

Confidentiality: All members of the group must agree to keep all discussions and information shared during meetings confidential. This will allow for open and honest communication without fear of judgment or consequences.

Respect: Members must show respect for each other and their opinions. This includes active listening, giving everyone a chance to speak, and refraining from interrupting or talking over others. (Every session will provide time for all members to talk.)

Commitment: Members must commit to attending meetings and participating fully in the group’s activities. This includes preparing for meetings and following up on action items.

Constructive feedback: Members should provide feedback and suggestions in a constructive and supportive manner. This helps members to improve and grow without feeling criticized or attacked.

Accountability: Members should hold each other accountable for their goals and commitments. This includes setting specific goals, tracking progress, and reporting back to the group on a regular basis.

Absolutely, no recording by camera or audio.