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As an entrepreneur, I’ve always believed in multiple streams of income and serving others with the best life has to offer in all areas. I’m committed to opportunity, freedom, flexibility, fun, teamwork, significance, community, charity, lifelong learning, research and development, technology, the big picture, systems, structure, responsibility, and duty.

To connect hearts and minds, I use the Heroic Voice Connection Triangle, which includes relatability and empathy, comprehension and engagement, and expertise and passion. By understanding others better, including partners, family members, and community members, we can serve each other and make a positive impact on humanity.

I’ve invested 50 years in becoming the best version of myself and have trained with various groups to help veterans and entrepreneurs, small business owners, and other members of our global community. I’m proud to have been an active member of CEO Space International, where I learned about co-operative capitalism and had the privilege of working with veterans from various backgrounds.

My lifestyle allows me to do what I want when I want, and most importantly, with whom I want. Now, I’m ready to put the biggest puzzle pieces together for the United States and beyond.

To schedule an exploratory call and learn more about how we can work together, feel free to direct message me, and I’ll send you my calendar link. Before that, I invite you to take the B.A.N.K. assessment by ranking the value cards from MOST like you to LEAST like you. This will help us serve you better and save time. You can find the link to the assessment here:

Thank you for taking the time to read, and I look forward to connecting with you!